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Honoring those who make a difference, one good deed at a time. Join us in recognizing the individuals and groups who spread positivity and kindness in our communities.
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Our Mission is to Inspire Kindness to Cultivate Stronger Communities

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We aim to be catalysts for cultural empathy and compassion. Through our initiatives and outreach efforts, we strive to spark a chain reaction of goodwill, inspiring individuals to embrace acts of kindness in their daily lives. Together, we create a world where kindness enriches communities, fostering deeper connections among us all.

At our core, we believe in the transformative power of kindness. Our mission is simple yet profound: to ignite a ripple effect of compassion that resonates throughout communities. By inspiring acts of kindness, we cultivate stronger communities and a brighter, more compassionate world.

Our commitment to stronger communities goes beyond words—it drives all we do. Nurturing collaboration, inclusion, and support, we empower unity. Each act of kindness, from volunteering to advocacy, enhances community resilience. Together, we forge bonds, celebrate diversity, and create a compassionate world.

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Utilize the the various capabilities to maximize your influence as you discover new ways to make a difference. 

Nominate a Giver

We want to recognize and congratulate the givers in the world.

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Let the world know how your nominee has made impact.

Agape Tokens

Show your appreciation by giving your nominee an Agape Token.


Your nominee can receive recognition from all Agape users.

Agape Badges

Given to users that give abundantly, build up your Agape Tokens.

Agape Community

Interact by applauding , adding friends, and sending messages.


Discover opportunities to support local community organizations.


Explore tokens and badges earned throughout the community.


Gives based on a sudden inner impulse.


Plans giving based on need(s) of others.


Giving is aligned with their values and beliefs.

Heart of Gold

Gives from kindness and inherent goodness.

Lifetime Achievement

A history of consistent giving and helping others.

Recognizing Generosity with Tokens and Badges

An Agape Token serves as a heartfelt expression of gratitude, a tangible symbol to convey appreciation for the kindness shared. Similarly, Agape Badges are rewarded to users who give continuously, highlighting their commitment to making a difference. With countless motivations behind acts of kindness, we’ve categorized them into five distinct types of givers, each contributing uniquely to our collective compassion.

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Congratulate those who do positive deeds.

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