Congratulate Those Who Do Positive Deeds

Giving recognition to individuals and groups
that display acts of kindness.

Agape Tokens & Badges

The Agape Token is a token of appreciation to say thank you. Agape Badges are given to users that give abundantly. There are so many reasons that an acts of kindness is performed. We’ve narrowed it down to five types of givers.


The Spontaneous Giver gives based on a sudden inner impulse.


The Bountiful Giver plans giving based on need(s) of others.


The Purpose-Driven Giver’s giving is aligned with their values and beliefs, and their sense of purpose.

Heart of Gold

The Heart of Gold Giver gives from a place of kindness and good nature.

Lifetime Achievement

The Lifetime Achievement Giver has demonstrated a history of consistent giving and helping others with continuous gifts and acts of kindness.


Nominate a Giver

We want to congratulate the givers in the world and give them recognition for their good deeds. Nominate a giver to show the world their good deeds.

Give Agape Tokens

Give your nominee Agape Tokens to show your appreciation for their acts of kindness. The Agape Token is a token of appreciation to say thank you.

Tell the Story

Let the world know how great your nominee has been. Explain their acts of kindness, upload videos and images of the good deed or its results.

Applaud Agape Givers

Once your giver receives their Agape Tokens, they can receive an applause from all Agape users. Everyone wants to recognize a job well done.

Earn Agape Badges

Agape Badges are given to users that give abundantly. Build up your Agape Tokens to achieve the Lifetime Achievement Badge.

Agape Givers Community

Interact in the Agape Givers Community. You can applaud acts of kindness, add friends, and send kind messages.

Opportunities to Give

Are you looking for an opportunity to make a difference? We provide a list of opportunities so you can assist organizations in your local community.

Congratulate those who do positive deeds.

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